The Court - Dance School

Where learning is EASY! Dancing is FUN!



  1. What type of dance do you teach?

    We teach Ballroom and Latin American with classes ranging from absolute beginner to advanced for all ages.

  2. How do I enrol for a class?

    Give us a call on 07785992246 or send an email to [email protected],com and we will do the rest.

    For all Re-Active 8 classes you need to contact Bedford Borough Council Sports Development Unit. Amy Rance on 01234 267422

  3. Will I need dance shoes?

    Dance shoes are not essential when you first start. However, as you progress investing in a good pair of dance shoes is a sensible idea. Dance shoes are there to give support and flexibility.

  4. Do I need a partner?

    No. It is easier if you do have  a partner to learn with but not essential. We cannot give any guarantees of partners being available.

  5. Do you do dance examinations?

    Yes. Our examing body is the International Dance Teachers Association.

  6. How can I pay for classes and lessons?

    You can pay either cash or cheque.

  7. Do you do coaching for competitions?

    Yes we do we are renowned for our sound foundation training in competitive dance. We also have a leading English Professional competitor working with us to help further develop our Ballroom competiitve training.

  8. Do you hold Dance Parties?

    We are now introducing Saturday dancing. Keep an eye on this site ot posters in the studio.

  9. Do you do Wedding Dances?

    Yes. Wedding dances are a speciality. We will design choreography for your favourite music and take you carefully through the dance steps.

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